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TPChange TRR 301 - The Tropopause Region in a Changing Atmosphere
TPChange 5 Meetings



12 October 2023: Research Area B meeting
Location: JGU Mainz

23-25 May 2023: ECR meeting
Location: Würzburg

14-16 March 2023: Annual Meeting
Location: Bad Kreuznach
(Meeting material)

13/14 March 2023: ECR meeting
Workshop on poster presentations for Early Career Researchers
Location: Bad Kreuznach


20/21 October 2022: Research Area A meeting
Location: GUF Frankfurt
(Meeting material)

13 October 2022: Research Area B meeting
Location: GUF Frankfurt

5 October 2022: Research Area C meeting
Location: GUF Frankfurt

26/27 September 2022: Presentation Workshop for Early Career Researchers
Location: Frankfurt and online

11-16 September 2022: Summer School
(Meeting material)
The TPChange Summer School for Early Career Researchers within the research center will take place in Neustadt an der Weinstraße.

24 June 2022: TPChange Campaign Meeting
In late summer 2023, the TPChange Campaign will take place in Northern Germany.
On 24 June 2022, scientific tasks rather than technical aspects will be the main purpose to meet. We plan for short talks by the individual groups focusing on the individual scientific goals. This will also include the forecasting groups or modelling activities to best combine the different approaches. The meeting will take place in Mainz.

3 May 2022: iRODS Workshop for Early Career Researchers
The topic of this workshop was archiving data, in particular using iRODS. iRODS stands for „Integrated Rule-Oriented Data System“ and is the data archive at JGU which is used in TPChange. The workshop was held by Jörg Steinkamp from the data center at JGU.
3 May 2022: Git Course for Early Career Researchers
Within TPChange we offer the possibility to use a source code management with the open source version control system Git ( and the software package Gitlab which comes as a web application (

An introduction course to Git was given online by Dr. Jörg Steinkamp from the JGU Data Center.

Git branching model

14-16 March 2022: Annual Meeting
(Meeting material)

All TPChange members met for the first scientific conference in Bad Kreuznach. Poster sessions, invited talks by Prof. Ottmar Möhler, Prof. Heini Wernli and Prof. Michaela Hegglin and discussions about cooperations within the research areas were part of the agenda.

14-16 March 2022: Annual Meeting


07 December 2021: C07 project meeting
(Meeting material)
Workshop on model diagnostics

6 October 2021: Kick-Off Meeting PhD and Postdocs
(Meeting material)
Speaker Prof. Peter Hoor welcomed the new PhD students and Postdocs to TPChange. After an introduction to the scientific goals of the research center, everybody introduced themselves. In the end, the group was divided into smaller groups where they discussed expectations and wishes for TPChange activities for Early Career Researchers.

Welcome to TPChange!
Introduce yourself
27 September 2021: Kick-Off Meeting
(Meeting material)
On 27 September 2021 we met for our official Kick-Off meeting. Not in person, unfortunately, but with subgroup discussions and an interactive poster session we were still able to get in contact with each other.
After a short introduction and the approval of formals, we talked about a common data management ground. Each project presented a poster in the following session and in the late afternoon the three Research Areas A/B/C met in order to plan collaborations within the first year. After that we talked about how the individual projects come together in the central activities: synthesis of observational data and synthesis of modelling.
A total of about sixty people joined the meeting, among them about twenty new PhD students and Postdocs.
Welcome to TPChange!