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MOW 2024

The Conference Mathematics Of the Weather 2024 will again take place in Bad Orb, Germany which is about 1:30h by local trains from Frankfurt airport.

Date will be 07 – 09 October 2024.
Time frame: The conference will begin Monday noon and end Wednesday late afternoon.

Mathematics of the weather is a forum for the discussion of new numerical approaches for use in numerical forecasting, climate modeling and research into numerical modeling of the atmosphere. This year more theoretical aspects and climate will be one focus.

Invited speakers: Edwin P. Gerber (New York Univ.), Nikki Vercauteren (Uni Köln), Ivana Stiperski (Uni Innsbruck), Masaki Satoh (Uni Tokyo), Hendrik Ranocha (Uni Mainz), Christian Kühnlein (ECMWF), Jiang Zhu (IAP Bejing), Jinxi Li (IAP, Bejing), Pedram Hassanzadeh (Univ. of Chicago), Rupert Klein (FU Berlin), Marcel Oliver (KU Eichstätt-Ingolstadt), Michael Baldauf (DWD Offenbach), Jens Rademacher (Uni Hamburg), Peter Korn (MPI Hamburg), Chris Snyder (NCAR Boulder), Sergiy Vasylkevych (Uni Hamburg), Dale Durran (Uni Washington), Fanxin Fang (Imperial London), Christopher Pain (Imperial London).

Both poster and oral presentations will provide ample time for presentation of and discussions about current and novel mathematical and numerical research methods applied to NWP and atmospheric flow. Papers are invited from the community for new numerical approaches as well for tests of such approaches in forecast, research and climate models.

  • Location: The conference will take place at the König Ludwig Saal, Frankfurter Straße 2, 63619 Bad Orb
  • Registration is open.
    There is no conference fee. Please visit
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  • Abstract Submission:
    You can also submit an abstract via this site:
  • Accomodation: We have made a reservation contingent where you can book your room at the following ->List Of Hotels. Deadline is 31 July.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Contact: Aurelia.Mueller(at)

Organization committee:  Jürgen Steppeler, Ulrich Achatz, Peter Spichtinger, Aurelia Müller, Kevin Sieck