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TPChange TRR 301 - The Tropopause Region in a Changing Atmosphere
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Other Campaigns

A very strongly related campaign is PHILEAS (Probing High Latitude Export of air from the Asian Summer Monsoon).

To investigate the relative importance of these processes contributing to the chemical composition of the UTLS, the HALO mission PHILEAS aims to characterize the evolution of the chemical composition of filaments during the full life cycle of eddy shedding process from the monsoon anticyclone and their effect particularly on the gradients of radiatively active species in the UTLS.
It took place in Anchorage, Alaska and Oberpfaffenhofen, Germany in August-September 2023.

Please find at the site of MPIC->more information
A very interesting video introducing the campaign can be found  here: Video on PHILEAS on YouTube channel of Research Center Juelich