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Research Area A - TPChange TRR 301 - Wolken
TPChange 5 Projects 5 Research Area A

Research Area A: Aerosols, clouds and chemistry

Research Area A

Research Questions (A)

RQ-A1: Is transport of boundary layer aerosol in WCBs or convection a dominant source of UT aerosol and ice
particles and how does this transport affect their radiative properties?

RQ-A2: What is the importance of non-sulfur aerosol components (e.g. meteoric material, organic matter,
pollution) for the aerosol properties and their effects in the UTLS?

RQ-A3: Can organic particles be freshly formed in the UT? Is this a main source region for CCN in the tropical
lower troposphere? Does the aerosol in the extratropical lower stratosphere originate in the tropical UT?

Projects in Research Area A